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Bronx Lab School is an innovative high school that provides a rigorous liberal arts, and college preparatory experience in the Bronx.  Bronx Lab believes that learning cannot be sufficiently demonstrated within the confines of standardized tests, so students and teachers are challenged daily to read, write, think, share, explore, solve, create, collaborate, present, question, defend, negotiate, compromise, and most importantly, reflect upon themselves as learners.

Since 2012, Bronx Lab has:

- Increased the 4 year graduation rate by 25%

- Increase FASFA applications by 33%

- Increased enrollment in 4 year higher education institutions by 28%

And last year, 91% graduating seniors were accepted into one college, with 78% being accepted into at least 3 colleges.

Unfortunately, the cost of this programming exceeds New York City funding by several hundred thousand dollars annually. 

During this holiday season, please donate to Bronx Lab.  Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community!
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